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Friday, January 20, 2006

ID is crap!!!

Duh...I already knew this, but maybe this will help us get this off the ballots across the country. The idiots who support intelligent design being taught in schools dont even have the support of the pope. He says that ID is not a science. He also says there is no reason for one to not believe in the theory of evolution while still be a christian (i think i read that in another article, this one isn't as long as the other one i read, but i cant find that particular one...). So there, HA! Read it from MSNBC

VATICAN CITY - The Vatican newspaper has published an article saying “intelligent design” is not science and that teaching it alongside evolutionary theory in school classrooms only creates confusion.
Of course, he also says that we are not merely something random that occured as evolution would have it, and of course he means god played a role in the developement of humans, but thats fine and dandy. I just want this whole ID crap to go away. I pray that it isnt an issue when my son is ready for school, because I wont have him taught it. If i want him to learn about a possible higher being, I will teach him, or whatever church he may go to can teach him, but certainly not some public school teacher. Sorry. Not gonna happen. I will home school him before i let that happen. If they want to teach it in some world religion class or some philosophy elective then fine, but it is not by any means science. Science means there is some sort of Scientific method used in the establishment of the theory. ID is about faith in the unknown. Its crap in my opinion, in case you missed that in the beginning.

Ok, i feel better.

On another note, I did really good on my online quiz today for my Mass Comm Law class. Yae! I actually read the entire chapter (it was one of the longest chapters in the book, like 30-40 pages...yuck) and i took 5 1/2 pages of notes. On my own. I will never see a classroom or a teacher with this class, and i took notes all on my own. I am such a good student. (soooo much better than i used to be) I am also caught up in all my readings in my other classes too. Yae. I also found out that i should be getting my aid disbursement soon (after tuition and books, i get about $300!) Yae! So besides having a slow, crappy money night at work, today has been good.

well, it is very late again (sleep problems are back with the increased stress) i am off to bed.

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