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Sunday, January 22, 2006

i have nothing to say really

Well, I have nothing to say, just wanted to wind down for the night. I have a hard time going to bed in the evenings, especially after working. Especially after nights like the last 3. Work has sucked. I dont know what's going on in the kitchen, but they are messing things up for us servers. I have made CRAP the last few nights. And thur and fri I had to pay a babysitter, so there went half my money. Argghhh....

(any case where i say "you" i dont mean YOU the reader, i mean the hypothetical "you" i am waiting on)
I actaully had a table walk out on me tonite. I warned them when they ordered that their food would take a while and that the kitchen was really behind. As they were leaving their food came up, i told them this and they said they would eat somewhere else. Fine by me, see ya! Every other customer had already said all the other restaurants in town had 2 hour i dont know what they planned on doing, but i dont care. Tonight wasnt as bad as last nite. Last nite was hell. I hate waiting tables. It makes me hate people. Don't get me wrong; individually, people can be cool, but en masse, they SUCK. After a while, you start to see everyone as a stupid ass. I try so hard not to be like that, but when you walk up to a table, (and you are already having a lousy night) and say "hey! how are you folks doing tonight?!?" and genuinely smile, and they dont even say hi or look at you...rude. It doesnt help the night go any faster. And yelling at me that you have been waiting a half hour for your food (after i told you it would probably take that long) DOES NOT make it come faster. I dont have your dinner hidden up my ass, so i cant just magickly make it appear. If people go to other restuarants they expect their food to take a while to cook, and i know they arent used to our restaurant taking longer than 10 minutes, but hey- i warned ya! And its not my fault you dont listen or know how to read a damn menu. If it doesnt say ALL YOU CAN EAT in big ole letters, than its not all you can eat. No you cannot have more bread, no you can not have more pork, i will have to charge you for it. If you did not order the salad bar, but your friend did, and when i drop off the plates and say to your friend, "here is an extra plate, should you want to go for a second trip", and you go to the salad bar and help yourself...dont be surprised when i tell you i have to charge you for a salad bar too. And saying you didnt know doesnt change it. I will just take the salad, or you pay for it. Especially if you have already been a royal bitch to me. **sigh*** people suck. They should all read this...

Well, thats all for now. I think i will stop blogging about work now. I wont do it much more in the future either, i know its no fun to read. (shit- its no fun to experience) I will just have to work harder to find more exciting things to blog about again. :)

Well, i am off to bed now (hopefully to sleep too). Any tips on how to make sleep come easier to an insomniac?

and you thought i had nothing to say...

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