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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

another long night

Well, it is going to be another long night on the couch for me again. I hate listening to him keeps me up worrying about him.

I just spent the better part of 45 minutes sitting in his room with my arm thru the crib, holding my son's hand, while he fell asleep. mind you--this is not something i normally do...i can only think of one other time. but he is feeling really sick, so since that is not normal, my actions dont need to be either. at least thats what i told his daddy. My kid's got some interesting little rituals to help him fall asleep. He kicks his feet repeatedly. Not in the temper tantrum sort of way, but rhythmically. He also has to suck on the tag of all his animals in his crib (there's like 6). He then piles them all into the corner and buries himself inside all of them. He sometimes puts his arm thru Pooh Bear's shirt and holds onto him that way. Its all so cute. But when you are sitting there, with your arm sticking thru the side of the crib watching coughing fits rack his little body, it sucks. None of the medications are doing him much good either. I think I will call his doctor tomorrow like she said to if the OTCs dont work for him. He has gotten up twice already tonite and its only midnite. He's only been in bed for about 4 hours. Of course the other nite when he woke up alot, once he finally went down, we slept til 1130 the next morning. lemme tell you, i was shocked! i dont remember the last time i didnt wake up til almost lunch time. it kinda threw our schedule off for the day.

I dont even know if I am babysitting tomorrow or not. Man i hope not. I think i have thursday, but man, thats gonna be a long day. The doctor said Logan will probably be sick for about 2 weeks. Poor little guy. His daddy called me a trooper for offering to sleep in the den on the couch with the monitor on for a third night in a row, so he could sleep thru the night without the monitor. His daddy has a bit of trouble with waking up on time anyway, and since he makes the money that pays our bills, i thought i would help out a little. Arent i sweet. Of course, if i could, i would probably just sleep on logan's floor in his room. But thats not really feasible, so...

Wow- 3 posts in one day. I am doing good. Of course they arent really about much...Just Venting. of course, that is the name of this blog. I think its neat to look back at what i posted about before, and as life has changed gears lately to see what i post about now. Neat to me at least. Well, i am off to browse all of your blogs now. Good nite.

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