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Monday, December 05, 2005


Well. I have so much respect for any of you ladies out there that raised more than one child at a time. I am babysitting my nephew today. He is 2 months old and my son is almost 18months old. It is quite a handful. This is my 1st time alone with both of them for more than 10 minutes. My nephew was dropped off this morning at 6:30, and then my son uncharacteristically woke up at 730. (a full 1 1/2 hours early). I, of course, as usual didnt get enough sleep, so i am very very tired now. It is now a little after lunch time, and we are getting ready to go to Chuck E. Cheese's... My son was invited a few weeks ago to join some other kids, whose mom's i work with, and my other sister has volunteered to tag along too. (thank god, another adult!)...Well, Baby is crying and mine is laughing at him, must go. Will tell all about it later.


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