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Thursday, December 29, 2005

new job?

So, my dad has been bugging me for some time to quit the waitressing thing and get a "real job". Not that he is trying to say anything bad about waiting tables, but he means one with benefits besides food. Like health insurance and retirement. I have been blowing him off for a little while now because I am working towards my bachelors degree (and have been for a long long long time...) and i don't want to put my son in any sort of daycare. I figure by the time i finish my degree and actually get a "real job", my son will be old enough to go to school (or at least pre-school). But now, sitting here, without insurance (besides not getting sick), i have begun to give the "real job" idea some thought. hmmm...**think, think, think...**

My sister AMD (the one without the baby) works at the hospital, as a phlebotomist. (she takes your blood). She tells me about all these jobs coming open...Cant decide what to do. The hospital has good benefits if you work full time. My dad keeps offering my mother as a daycare service and my other sister KRD and i have agreed to work together with the kid care...but i know my mom doesnt want to babysit. Especially not if it means the possibility of 2 kids at once. Plus she's only good for about 4 hours, then she gets grumpy. I dunno. I need to find out more about the job openings i guess. I like waiting tables for now. I have been at the same restaurant for almost 5 years, and I have some leeway there. I can change my schedule as i need, call out when i cant find a sitter, and still have a job and the same schedule week after week.....

**think, think, think...**

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