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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i am still tired

Well, i didnt get back into bed until about 4 am last nite (this morning??)...He cried for at least an hour, and then was still wimpering a bit, and i did not want to crawl back into bed, fall asleep and then be woken up again by him crying, so I waited until i knew for sure he was asleep. Thank you tara and TLP for your words of encouragement. Today has been a long day too...he's been a bit better today, but a little crankier than normal. And so has mommy. Daddy better wake up from his nap soon and give me some time off before he leaves for band practice. (which by the way is 4 nights a week...yuck). Anyways... Well...Thats all i have for now, my brain is too tired to think of anything else to post.

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