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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

getting ready for new years

Well, christmas went smoothly, no conflict of schedules between the families that caused any grief...And everyone seems to enjoy the gifts santa brought them. :) Me included. We got a new 27inch hi-def tv from my parents. (they felt bad for us b/c we watch our movies on a really really small tv with a built in dvd player...its tiny)... I also got one of the best gifts from my boyfriend..A new book. A long one at that...its a collectors edition thing, so its 3 books in 1. He's mad at me tho, because i have almost finished reading it already. I am one of those REALLY REALLY fast readers. I dont speed read (altho i know how, and can)..i just read fast. (and comprehend most of it as well). So i started the book yesterday and today i am somewhere around page 900, with about 300 to go...that means i like the book! He thinks i should take my time reading it. When i get into a book, i spend every free second (well, not these ones here, but)...totally into my book. Since he's not working this week, i have had a bit more free time to read since i am not the only one responsible for our little man. YAE!

On a side note: I have had the hiccups for the last 22 minutes and its starting to drive me a little batty, and it's starting to hurt. **hiccup** Damn it all, please make it go away. I HATE the hiccups. And i get them sorta often.

So i cant decide what to do for new years. My parents have invited me to their shindig (which is always fun, plus i have a room and my son can come and sleep there paying a sitter)...But we have also been invited to a few other places...I dunno what to do. Last year i had the lamest new years, just me and a friend and my boyfriend (for the latter half-he went to a friends for a bit) We celebrated with REALLY cheap champagne while my son slept in the other room. It was in our old teeny tiny shit-hole apt. surrounded by all the white trash you ever wanted to see. (in case you cant tell, i hated it there). So i dont want a repeat of last year. I dunno what we are gonna do, but i am sure we'll have fun.

Oh, btw. we are not buying this place. :( bummer We had hoped to, with my parents help, but when we found out we have termites...we said no. Even if the seller fixes our place, the places next to us need to be fixed and treated as well, and well, you dont know my neighbors...its not gonna happen, so the bugs would just come back. No thank you. (i live in a duplex/townhouse type place- its technically a townhouse b/c there are like 5 of us attached, but its like a duplex in that there's only one story) ANywho..

Good nite. gonna go read my book now.

ps- thank you TLP for stopping in to say hi so often.

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