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Thursday, December 29, 2005

bitchy & barfy

Hello. today i am typing this with only 1 hand, as my other is busy holding my nephew - devin. right now, my kid is still asleep. its a long day with the two of em...

So, when myself and my one sister KRD (the one w/the baby) were babies my parents nicknamed us "Bitchy" (me) and " Barfy" (my sister)...KRD spit up ALL the time...and so does her baby. I was bitchy, and my son has a bold personality as well. (btw the baby is my nephew, and the other picture is of my son in Devin's bouncy seat. fun fun)

Ahh...well, i got Devin to sleep just in time for my little man to wake up. We are sharing some toast and OJ for breakfast. Thank god -it seems that Logan's teeth arent bothering him so much now, and he is so good again. He's eating better and just more pleasant overall. Right now, he is dancing all over the den right now to the music from the tv.

Anywho...barfy is still sleeping, so i am going to play with Bitchy now before i run outta time. Plus i need to save the cat, Logan loves the cat, but i am not so sure the cat loves him back :) TTFN.

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