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Friday, December 09, 2005

2 yrs ago

Two days ago was the two year anniversary of my friend James' death. He was a passenger in a car driven by another friend of ours, when they were hit by a girl, named Brooke, who was very intoxicated. Now, James rarely wore his seatbelt (which i always nagged him for), so things didnt go so well for him. Our other friend who was driving lived, but she was a coma for some time and is still recovering (we dont know if it will be full or takes a long time to determine that)...The weird thing was that James had been saying for years that he would die in a car crash. He had many different dreams involving many different car crashes, but none of them ever involved this stupid bitch driver named Brooke who was not only drunk, but high on valiums and xanax. Going like 100mph, and then leaves the scene, gets in another accident, leaves that scene too, and is found down some dirt access road off the highway. And you know what, she didnt go to jail for killing my friend, or putting our other friend in a coma and ruining her life and making it so she couldnt take care of her 4 year old daughter on her own anymore, or for wrecking two cars, or even for doing all this while intoxicated. She was put away for possession of valium and xanax. Unbelievable.

Whats sad is that me and James had been friends for 11 or so years when he died, but we had a fight about a year before that and hadnt spoken in that whole year. I had found out I was pregnant in November (which made me all sentimental) and decided for Christmas I would send him a card calling off our fight and just clear the air. But i never got the chance because some people just dont consider their actions and the possible consequences of them. I am apalled at the selfish, self-serving nature of people. If it wasnt so rampant thru-out the country, we would have stories of this sort of thing everyday from everywhere.

Well, James- here's to you and what we had as friends. I miss you man. I miss "bunny-love". Thanks for teaching me about the magic smoke that keeps my electrical things working (all things electric run on magic smoke-- when something breaks and the smoke escapes it's not fix-able--but it the smoke is still inside then its fix-able...hence its magic). Thanks for introducing me to the music. Thanks for introducing me to my Joe, without him i wouldnt have my son. Thanks and I really do miss you.

May brooke rot in prison and then in hell. (and everyone else like her-who are too inconsiderate to not drive while intoxicated)

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