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Monday, November 28, 2005

Save Wampi?

I just went to this website, (i do not have the money to help) and what a cute kitty. So sad to hear what some people are capable of doing to animals. (savewampi)

Anyway, today is a boring day for me. Just a lot of waiting for the day to pass until i can go to class tonight. (it certainly is weird looking forward to class...not like my former college self, way back when i 1st started out...)

I cut Logan's hair. Really short. Its always been long and a little shaggy, and i LOVE it that way. But i started thinking that maybe i should cut it a little shorter (he could be like his daddy, who just cut all his hair off in a wild move), and then i wouldnt have to cut it so often (the boy hates haircuts) Uncle Bryan cut it with the clippers (on thier longest setting)...and oh! its cute, but i still miss his hair. Its also not even. Uncle Bryan went over it quite a few times, and this one spot in particular in the back just would not cut. Ohwell, i will fix it over time :)

For those of you who want to know how he is doing...The bruising and swelling is almost completely gone on his nose. Actually all the bruising is gone, and only the slightest swelling (i can see cuz i am looking for it, but you might not notice it)...But he does have a bruise on the side of his head by his eye now. (he is SOOO my child). He was looking behind him and walking forward on Turkey day, and then he turned his head just in time to walk Straight into the giant fishtank at my mom's. And again, i was only a few feet behind him, trying to get him to stop, but i got to him as he hit. (his daddy was flabberghasted, he's like - you've only had him under your supervision (well not so super...) for a minute and he's already injured!...i told him that probability and statistics are against me, since i am with him most of the time, i am more likely to be the one who is responsible for the accidents...and dont worry, he was just giving me a hard time)...

Well, thats all for now...I will try to post something more interesting soon.


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