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Saturday, November 12, 2005

My son's favorite toy

Why is it that children always seem to get the most enjoyment not from the toys we buy them, but from the boxes things come in? My mom and dad recently bought for me 2 chairs for my dining table, and they came in 1 big box. I put the box in the den with both ends open, and showed my son how we could play in there. Now he always crawls in there, shuts both sides and waits for me to ask "where's logan?" and he comes rushing out (or at least his head pops out between the flaps) It reminds me of when i was younger, my parents got a new fridge, and some other appliance and my dad took the boxes and made a house for us to play in. (it was shaped like a house, with a pointy roof and all). He cut a swinging door and windows and all that. We played in it for weeks. (until my cousins came over and we all destroyed it). And that reminds me of him building us an actual snow fort. (this was all in the same house when i was 6-7 in Mass.) Apparently that winter, it had snowed and we had something like 7-ft drifts in our backyard. So my dad went to the side of the house where the snow was nice and tall, and he dug us out a snow fort. If i am remembering correctly - it had 2 walls, with a window, and steps leading down into it. He hosed it off to ice it down and we had it the whole winter. We had some plastic chairs out there that were frozen in place too, it was great. I wonder if my sisters remember that too.

Anywho, that was a fun little trip down memory lane inspired by my own son. Hmmm...

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