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Monday, November 07, 2005

Medicaid and Other Cuts

Go and read what the Fallenmonk has to say about the govt's latest ideas for spending cuts to the budget. God forbid we get out of this war, or dont build a bridge to no-where.

I left a comment on that particular post, (go read it)... It is so frustrating to read about what changes may be coming down the pike. I am not well off. My little family of 3 do not make a lot of money at all. We do manage to make ends meet. We dont qualify for any sorta of government aid tho. And i know so many families like mine, or even worse off. And they already either dont qualify for aid or barely qualify. With the changes, that could easily destroy their chances of recieving the aid they need. Many of us are the "working poor". We are not poverty enough to get aid, but we are only 1-2 paychecks away from being evicted, losing our cars, having our utilities turn off (if we are still in our homes), ect. God forbid anyone making money for the household were to get really sick, or get injured. Its scary sometimes when i really sit down and think about how close we are to not having anything. So i try not to. Like i said, in my family we manage, and things are starting to look up. But this is still an important issue that needs more attention, and not from the people who want to just do away with all the programs out there designed to help us.

Ok, so that got long-winded.

Thanks Fallenmonk!


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