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Thursday, November 17, 2005

And it was going so well

In the last couple of months, my family has started doing a family dinner night. Every Tuesday, my parents host dinner at their house and we girls do what we can to get ourselves, our kids and our significant others to attend. We even cook sometimes too. Its actually been quite nice. (Growing up we were one of those families this still actually ate dinner together at the table - or at least in the kitchen together). Invariably, there is always one person who doesnt show up for some reason or another.

This past tuesday there were a couple of us that couldnt attend (ny significant other being one of them...), but dinner was good, and then my 2 sisters left and it was just me, Logan and my mom. Logan was playing nice. My mom and I were having a nice conversation. Things were peaceful and i was enjoying myself. Logan decided to run up to me to give me a hug and on his way, he tripped over a dustbunny, and went face first into the bar on the bottom of my chair. I was helpless to stop him from smashing his little nose into the wood. My heart fell into my stomach as the wails began.

Thank god- no blood, but his nose has this red mark on the side, and is pretty swollen on the one side and is now beginning to bruise around the nose and eye. We took him to the doctor yesterday morning and the doctors say there nothing to do for him really, so...He's just gonna look like he got punched in the face for a while.

It is absolutely unbelievable how quickly a nice night can change to a bad night. And i was close enough to reach him, just not fast enough. Pretty stressful.

For those of you who read this- Logan's doing fine, just banged up. In fact, that night, after calming him down - he went right back to playing and running and giggling. So.. Maybe i will take a picture of his injuries :) He is a little boy who keeps on chugging. And he takes after his mom - there is not a single picture of me as a little tyke without a cut or bruise or something (usually on my face too). So, i guess this is part of the package.


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