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Thursday, October 27, 2005

terror by deception?

I know, I havent posted anything political in some time, but i have been busy and not really able to do much posting that would have required any research and understanding. (hence the photos of my son and nephew...)

But, I continue to keep up-to-date by reading other people's blogs and i came across this one today...

From the Bulldog Manisfesto:

Terrorism by Deception: "The Air is Safe to Breathe"

Typically, when we think of 9/11, we tend to think solely of the terrorist attack involving the alleged four hijacked planes. But there was another terrorist attack related to 9/11. This other "attack" was indisputably perpetrated by the government-- by deception.

The Lie
Seven days after the 9/11 attacks, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency declared to the people of New York City that "the air is safe to breathe." As it turns out, the EPA was lying. But worse, as revealed in an investigation, the White House pressured the EPA to prematurely assure the public that the air was safe to breathe. In an EPA watchdog report released in 2003, it was reported that "competing considerations, such as national security concerns and the desire to reopen Wall Street, played a role in EPA's air quality statements." (Emphasis Added.) (See, EPA Report, at page 17)

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Very interesting read.


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