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Thursday, September 15, 2005

moms are great

So, things got a little tight around here financially. Just for a few days, until i get paid and stuff this weekend, so this week has been extra tight. (it's been tight for a few weeks, but should be getting better here soon, with joe's next paycheck and stuff)....Anyway, the kinda tight where you aren't starving or nothing, but you are eating the things from the back of the cabinents, like the canned yams, and using the generic diapers, even tho you cant stand the way they fit your son....So, when my mom called today and asked how things were going, i said fine. I asked if they wanted to do dinner together tonite but they are going fishing so thats a no-go. Somehow she got me to say that i was gonna wrangle up some change to go buy diapers for Logan and that i cant wait to get paid tomorrow. SHe offered to buy me diapers. I said thanks. (saves me the money & the trip in the heat in the car with no air). My sister shows up with the delivery. She has pork chops, juice, soda, snacks, yellow rice, frozen potato-things, ect. Wow! Moms are great. Of course, i told her this was all uneccesary, but greatly appreciated. But that doesnt keep me from feeling guilty like i owe them....but i didnt ask so i am not sure what to do. I said thanks. A couple of times. I guess i should just be happy someone out there can help me and wants to. Well, Logan is throwing bananas at me and screaming, so i guess lunch is over. got to go do the mommy thing now. i will post more later.


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