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Saturday, September 03, 2005

a little more on "is it me?"

Ok, so i know we werent expecting for New Orleans or Biloxi or any of those places to be completely annihilated, but since when does a category 3, 4 or 5 hurricane slam into our country and not leave devastion in its wake? How many hurricane-afflicted areas are not federal disaster areas afterwards? So, knowing this information, and knowing a pretty dangerous storm was on its way to the gulf states, why werent we ready with supplies and aid standing by? Ok, so fine, maybe thats asking too much. Why in the world has it taken four days to get this show on the road? I am flabbergasted at the way the aid is being taken care of. Not the ones out there deliivering it, but the ones who are at the top and supposed to be making sure it happens.

I am also frustrated by how helpless i am to help those who are so helpless themselves. I almost feel guilty because i am able to sit here, in my home, smoking a cigarette, drinking ice-cold water at my computer and talk about all this while those people out there are suffering. Believe me, if i had money to send, i would (but i can barely pay rent), if i could donate blood - i would (but you have to weigh 110 lbs, and i way 106 & there are no exceptions at the blood bank), so i dont know what else to do to help. I have posted links to the red cross and to noah's wish

Thats all i can do now besides sit here and give you my opinion. Feel free to give me yours.

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