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Thursday, September 15, 2005

kitties and kids

So Logan was actually being nice to the cat today, like petting her the way he's supposed to, and Shea turns around (she is usually extremely tolerant of his behavior) and bops him on the head a few times. This is normal behavior for her when she's annoyed. Except this time she had her claws out and one of them got stuck in poor Logan's forehead. Poor kid. I felt so bad. i know how that feels, and it dont feel good. Of course, kitty got a quick swat in the ass and was booted from the house and Logan got lots of love and the cut got some good cleaning. THen we had milk and cookies and are now down for our nap.

(btw- this picture is from when he was 1st learning to walk (at 9-10 months) in our old, teeny, tiny apt. The cat had practically no where to hide.)


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