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Monday, September 12, 2005

Bush versus the Environment

From Rolling Stone

What can you say about the environmental record of an administration that seeks to test pesticides on poor children and pregnant women? That argues in court that a dam is part of a salmon's natural environment? That places a timber lobbyist in charge of the national forests and an oil lobbyist in charge of government reports on global warming? That cuts clean-air inspections at oil refineries in half, allows Superfund to go bankrupt and permits the mining industry to pump toxic waste directly into a wild Alaskan lake?

Only this: It's about to get even worse.

Since President Bush was sworn in for a second term, he has not only continued his unprecedented assault on the environment -- he's intensified it. In recent months, the administration has opened up millions of acres of pristine land to developers, allowing them to log and mine without leaving behind "viable populations" of wildlife. It allowed the import of methyl bromide, a cancer-causing pesticide that was due to be banned this year under an international accord signed by Ronald Reagan, and it scrapped plans to regulate lead paint in home-renovation projects, placing millions of children at risk for brain damage. And on August 8th, taking advantage of solid Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, Bush signed into law his long-stalled energy bill, a grab bag of industry favors that provides $10 billion in oil, gas and coal subsidies while exempting Halliburton and other polluters from environmental laws. The measure approves oil exploration in marine sanctuaries, greenlights drilling on millions of acres of public land in the Rocky Mountains and Alaska, fast-tracks sixteen new coal-fired power plants and provides cradle-to-grave subsidies for new nuclear reactors. In a grotesque fit of petro-nuclear synergy, the bill even funds research into refining oil -- using atomic radiation.

Follow the link above for the rest of the story. It is amazing to see how clearly Bush and his administration have only one thing on their minds: money. They could care less about you and me and the environment in which we live. Of course, why should Bush care? He has never experienced the real world. He will always have the beautiful ranches to go stay at and as far as his little sheltered world is concerned, there are no threats to those environments.

I started talking to my friends about his attitudes towards the environment a while back, but no one seems to understand my point. Its not that i am a tree-hugging hippy (which is fine by me if i am), its that this is the only world we have. It took decades for us to come as far as we had to protect and conserve it. It was the consensus that this was what needed to be done. FOr the president to so blatenly disregard all of that speaks of his true character. Boy oh boy am i proud to say i voted for John Kerry.

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