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Friday, August 12, 2005

What the hell is Intelligent Design?

Ok. So this is really bothering me. Why in the world do we (as a nation) actually think it is ok in anyway to teach "Intelligent design" in Public Schools? Intelligent design, creationism - whatever. It all stinks. Unless you are going to pose EVERY religious view of creation (not just Christian's) then this is obviously religion and should not be in our schools. Our Government shouldnt even be taking this much time over it. It really peves me that so many of the people in our country actually support this sort of thing and our President. They put their religion in front and try to shove it down everyone else's throat. THat is what was supposed to be nice about the USA, you didnt have to beleive the same to feel comfortable. I wish half of you "Christians" would leave me alone and stay out of our schools and laws.

When i am less tired i will edit this post to sound a little better and stick more facts in. I just wanted to get it started. This topic really irritates me.

0k. good nite.

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