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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The war on drugs

I just read an article about the War on Drugs. It got me thinking. As i am sure you know, the war on drugs is sort of failing. Even tho the current "drug czar" John Walters wants you to believe that teenage drug use is down 17%, but in reality pot use has been pretty steady. About 1/3 of all teens and young adults report using pot in the last year and 1 in 7 people over 35 smoke it on a regular basis. What gets me going is that the war on drugs is focused on marijuana. Marijuana is the least of our problems. Walters still claims its a gateway drug, even tho the government's study (released in 98 i believe- but not highly publicized) discounts that claim and so do other studies. Marijuana arrests are at an all time high and most of those are just for possession. What about the drugs that actually screw people up? Like heroin, crack and meth? Meth is associated with violence and lab explosions. It is sweeping the midwest and rural areas. It is actually a dangerous drug, but the government is too worried about people toking in the privacy of their own homes. These same people probably go home and have cocktail parties and get absolutley hammered, but see nothing wrong with drinking. Why are we filling up our jails and costing the taxpayers money to keep these people in prisons. The federal government wants mandatory minimum sentences for these offenses, but some states and cities have begun rejecting the harsh sentencing laws backed by the White House because of the strain it puts on their courts, jails and budgets.

I think that pot smoking isnt that bad and that our government should focus on the real problems. IF they want to focus on drugs, then why not the ones they are worried smoking pot will lead to? If there is no other drugs to move on to, then they should move on to pot. But pot isnt that bad. (of course, everything should be done in moderation!)

I am sure i will have more to say on this when i am more awake and do more research.

Visit here to see what got me going. I quoted some stuff from this article in this entry.

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