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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

still hate being sick

i really really really hate being sick. not that most rational sane people enjoy it, but... i have decided that it sucks even more because i do not have insurance and therefore could not take my sick self to the doctors if i wanted to. (which i would for medicine to make me better faster). man, my neck is killing me, and i think its from trying to sleep all propped up and then rolling onto my side like good for the neck and back. i need someone to take care of me today. ya know what else sucks? tonight is karoke night with everyone from work. :( i am not gonna go again. bummer. that sucks. oh well. i have been itching for some more karoke too....oh wellll.

{sigh} {sniffle} {snort}

ok then, i am going now...hopefully i will feel better soon.


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