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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i hate being sick

so...i have come down with some sort of cold. how sucky. i feel like total butt. luckily, logan is being good so far. i feel so fuzzy-headed. thats, of course, probably due to the fact that my head is totally clogged up with funny-colored-snot. yep- i am sure you wanted to read that. i just wanna go back to bed. i need my mommy. i havent the energy to be a good mommy today. hopefully he will stay good alllll day.

why is it that the cats are always on the wrong side of the door? i let my moms cat in last nite and he was so cute, all curled up on my belly and sleeping...until 3am. then he wants out...ok fine, i let him out, then 1/2 hour later he wants back in, and this went on till 4...i finally took his ass downstairs and tossed him outside. omg, how frustrating. that was when i realized i was definitely sick. i took a 1/2 dose of some night-time medicine my mom had in her cabinet and finally got some sleep.

until auntie came over to see logan and woke me up. since i am holding down the fort at mom's, that means everyone has a key and can come over whenever. :) oh well.

---duuhhhhh---- totally zoned out and forgot what i was typing about. nope. gone. no clue. oh well. well, logan is being too cute and entertaining himself so well. well, i will end thisnow...wish me well...


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