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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Finally something worked out for me

Guess what?!? I actually received financial aid. Yae! I got a pell grant for $2500 for the year. Holy shit. They will adjust it according to how many classes i actually take, but still give me money for books and stuff. awesome. i am so excited. I never get this sorta stuff to work out for me. So this is a good thing. Maybe i really will get my bachelors. (finally).

I can tell you one thing that isnt working so well. I am trying to get Logan back on Medicaid and they just keep asking for more and more forms and this and that and it is getting reallllly annoying. Like now they want my current income statements, meaning my and joe's most recent paystubs. Well, i gave them the most current at the time stuff when i turned in the application. now we have both gotten paid since then and it is a pain to get joe's because his is direct deposited and you have to go thru all this stuff and since i dont have a printer, its a major pain. So i asked if they would just go ahead and use the information i already gave them, considering both of our most recent paychecks were identical to the ones before them. we'll see. I hate, let me repeat, hate, DCF. they suck. i wish i wasnt so poor. Of course i am not poor enough to qualify for half the aid thats out there, but i sure feel that way. There is nothing out there to help those of us who are low on the cash flow, but not low enough. its scary to think that most people are only a paycheck or 2 away from being "homeless". THink about it: if the primary breadwinner in your family became very ill, or had some accident and lost 2 weeks of pay; what would that do to your finances? I know it would seriously screw things up in my household. But, that is why i am in school. So that by the time logan is old enough to go to pre-school or kindergarten, i can get a "real" job.

Well, anyway. thats enough of that for now.

Ok. that was weird. my son, who has always slept all the way thru the night just woke up a little bit ago screaming bloody murder. I mean hysterically. and he doesnt do that. like ever. the only other time he did was because his leg was stuck in the crib. It freaked me out for a bit, but i eventually calmed him down and now he's back asleep. Weird...


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