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Monday, August 22, 2005

1st day of School...

So today is my first day of school. And for some reason i am not nervous. I was nervous the first day of both summer semesters. I am retarded i guess. Or maybe i finally realized i have nothing to be nervous about. I am a good student (well, the 2nd time around, you oughtta be) and i will do fine. Plus, i am only taking 1 class. Not that much to worry about, and its a full-length semester, so that'll be nice. I am not looking forward to the drive out there though. that's gonna suck. Gas is sooo damn expensive. ALmost 2.60 a gallon--for the cheap shit! What is that? Jeez...Unreal. Well, i am gonna go look up my class and figure out where it is on campus, so i am not wandering around like a fool....


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